Ranked as the Best Rotaract Club in R.I.D. 3141

Year Theme 2022 - 23

Your life is a journey, and every decision you make; a head halt. These head halts mark the begining of something new, exciting, and nerve bending and for me; taking up Presidentship has been as scary and wonderful as it can get. Im always asked about my ambitions and dreams with the Club, and what I only wish for is "change" This new team is all set to try, experiment and provide our members an experience of a lifetime, and I keep telling them that "You and I, are always gonna be okay with failing at something. But we're never gonna be okay with never trying" Polaris, also called as the North Star, is a passage of light for many, and for the rest a point to achieve. Every year, we set out new aims and as a team we run behind our goals 365 days in order to fulfill them. This year, I wish and hope my team takes a leap, sets ambitions for themselves, makes mistakes and paints their own story to tell. And at the end of this year, when we all come back together in this very auditorium, the team 2022 would have sketched a million memories and painted what we would call our achievements, the polaris.

~ President, Rtr. Palak Sharma

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About Us

RCKC - a family worth writing tales about! A non-profit organization to enhance your skills and engage your time in bringing out the best in you - be it hierarchy or general body members!
The club is ranking second in the entire district currently, make sure the events are not only helpful but entertaining as well. What's better than knowing you are going to be a better version of yourself at the end of the day besides having fun along with it?
Here at RCKC, everyone is welcome to grow with talents and skills!

Have an event idea? Tell us at our TOWNHALL session!

Ideas don't come out fully formed.
They only become clear as you work on them.
You just have to get started!


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