Rtr. Khushal Bhuva

District Rotaract Representative

Greetings and my wishes to the all the Rotaractors of KC college. I am humbled for this opportunity to serve as the DRR for the year 2019-20. Rotaract has always been an interesting organisation, a great youth program by Rotary. Being a Rotaractor, we not only need to inspire society in the service we do, but we also need to inspire each other and work together as one to build a great Rotaract Family and thrive to build friendships across borders and serve the community.

As we are stepping towards the 52nd year of Rotaract, it is indeed a proud moment for me and all of us. We started being the ONE in 2016-17 and strived to achieve the best in 2017-18 and implemented a new soch in 2018-19. But now its time to change, its time to bring the change and its time to be the change and MAKE IT HAPPEN. It is your perseverance that will tield the fruitful results.Be altruistic, be genial, be firm and be commpasionate. Do good and spread warmth. I and my team, hope to work together with all Rotaract clubs in the District and help each other in bringing the change and be the change as per out motto and wish Shivam and the Rotaract club of KC college and all its memebers good luck for the upcoming year ahead!

Rtr. Ojas Joshi

District Secretary & DRR Elect

Rotaract is a platform where one can showcase their talent, build up skills, become a better person. Every Rotaractor should make it a point to pledge to make Rotaract the biggest youth organizaion in Mumbai.

We hope that every rotaractor takes up this as platform to become better each and everyday.

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RCKC Offical - +91 8767503703 for any doubts or queries.